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Connecting thousands of Cubans to the internet using accessible, effective and legal ways

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2,800,000 Cubans only access email
while only 560,000 can surf the Web

Most Cubans can only connect to a government email server ( All other webs are blocked from inside.

Our App let's them access the internet using email

  • Information travels inside an email
  • Emails are encrypted to protect the user
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We are on a mission

Connect isolated people to a new world of opportunities opening online

Educate Cubans on the use of internet and the latests trends of technology

Offer alternative information to those who only access the "official" media

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Most Popular Services

Out of more than 40 other services

Social Net

Allow people to share content


Aerial activity in Cuba


Help finding your other half


Browse the web openly


Maps of locations and addresses


Search the greatest encyclopedia


Online classes from your phone


Translate words and paragraphs

Along the last years we have been working hard to connect more Cubans

With 5,213,913 visitors per month, we believe we are on the right track

What people are saying

Apretaste es una gran oportunidad para quienes no disponemos de una coneccion activa, sino tan solo el correo y el telefono.


Me gusta Apretaste por su sinceridad y buena forma para optener información de conocimiento sobre consultas a enciclopedia compras y ventas + buenas relaciones entre usuarios.


Gracias por existir y darnos esta oportunidad a los cubanos de a pie, espero que su trabajo se mantenga y que en Cuba no los bloqueen, sería una gran pérdida.


Meet our team

Salvi Pascual

Executive Director

Geysell Cisneros

Marketing Geek

Alex Maestre

Jack of all Trades

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We are located at the Miami Entrepreneurship Center